X25Yes I know it’s been forever and lots of promises.  Time and I don’t seem to be the good friends we used to be.

Now for the good news.


Anyway, here she is, the long anticipated page full of the letter “x” in numerous graffiti styles!  This letter is a tough one.  Not because it’s difficult to draw because X is one of those letters that is distinguishable from all the others no matter how you represent it.  It’s a tough one because it IS so distinct from all the other letters.  I don’t use it often and when I do, it’s usually accented in a way that it becomes the focal point of whatever word I am creating at the time.  It’s very easy to lose this one in the mix when trying to incorporate it into a heavily styled piece.  It’s simplicity its both its blessing and its curse because it can easily be lost in the mix and become what looks like a decoration for the letter before or after.  As with all of the letters we’ve covered so far, the key is practice.  Make pages and pages of each letter by itself as the more you study on a letter and focus on its form, the more you will start to understand the function and expressive nature of the shapes as they were intended.  The beauty of graffiti art is the fact that the letters serve multiple purposes.  The obvious is in that they form words, but the one most separation between the practitioner and the master is the fact that the words create form.  It’s easy to bundle a bunch of letters together to say something, but when you get them working together in a style that is unique to you, THEN you have something.


More coming soon.  Thank you all for the great feedback, I am glad this page is serving a purpose for all of you!

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