Graffiti Style Letter Study A

The letter A in various graffiti styles

Hello again!  Consider this the first post (even though its the second). The way I plan to work these lessons is to post various letter studies for inspiration and also to help inspire some ideas in you of where to start.  If you notice, in this first one, different parts of the letter are worked in many different ways.  I did this purposely in order to demonstrate the many options available and the variety of different looks and feels that can be created by simply changing one piece of the letter.  As time goes on, I will be going deeper into the letters themselves and the mechanics of drawing as well.  At this point, I think it’s best to simply grab onto a few ideas and see the letterforms in their execution as opposed to just jumping into things.

As time goes on, I will be adding a forum and gallery to the site so that progress can be more readily tracked and ideas can be exchanged.  This is meant to be a two way experience and I am not beyond learning a few things myself.  Hope you like the site. Enjoy the first letter study of many to come.

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