Letter Studies… The Graffiti Style Letter I

On April 12, 2011, in Letter Studies, by The Gone 84

Sorry I haven’t been around for a bit. Life get’s pretty busy this close to painting season.

On with the show!

Here we have the graffiti style letter “I”. Another very simple letter(most of them are), this one may give you a little bit of trouble initially. It’s long, slender. It’s capital form tends to stretch out far and wide causing difficulties in mixing with other letters. At the same time, this can also be used to your advantage if you work it right! I guess it depends on whether the cup is half full or half empty in your world. Take it for what it is, gather some inspiration from this study and make an attempt not to copy from it directly. If you’ll notice anything, most of these variations are simply distortions and NONE of them lose the structure of the letter itself. STRUCTURE IS KEY HERE. I can’t say it enough.

Now go draw~!

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