Letter Study: The graffiti letter “G”

On January 30, 2011, in Letter Studies, by The Gone 84

How to draw G in graffiti styleIts been a long time…….

Anyway, here’s one of my favourite letters(for obvious reasons). The letter ‘G’ in deviant graffiti style! It’s a pretty simple letter. Really ,just a “C” with a stick in it’s capital form, but there’s so much there to build on! I have been practicing this letter with some fierce intensity since around 1991 so it comes to me kinda natural, but it shouldn’t be hard for anyone to master. I do want you to take notice of something in each of these studies though, as the aspiring graffiti artist tends to make one very common mistake. Note that whatever letter it is, in whatever style it’s done, all of the letters in the studies I have posted are based in the most basic and simple geometry of the letter itself. In other words, nevermind all the extensions, arrows, cracks and silly decorations. The basis of just about all graffiti lettering, the power of this grand skill, comes from knowing the letter itself in its most simple and functional incarnation. Do yourself a huge favour and take a look at all the typography that catches your eye. There is a reason that the huge billboards and full-page magazine ads are almost NEVER done in stylized typefaces. This should tell you something. Practice your letters in simple form and the stylish stuff will come easy.

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3 Responses to Letter Study: The graffiti letter “G”

  1. Fred says:

    What about the other letters pleaaaaaaaaase? :o))))) I’m a poor guy, lost in that big world and….I found your “how to draw letters” technic!!! Imagine how I was so happy, at last!!!! Do not be scared about my english…I’m french!!! See you soon! And thanks to share…

    • Adin says:

      I have a love/hate relationship going on with gifafrti.I hate the gifafrti vandals. They’re a pack of little hoodlum/animals running around pissing on walls to mark their territory. I’m with Richard, MPN, Donna and K when it comes to taggers/vandals.But when it comes to Graffiti Art, I’m with Mario, Jobot, and Alonso.It’s usually done in neutral, marginal or blighted areas and has an attitude of reclaiming a neglected or abused urban site for art’s sake. If you think it’s easy or anybody can do it, go try it and see. Artistically it’s an expressive graphic style of abstraction (similar to cubism as Alonso points out) that has a temporary,’ urban installation/environmental art quality to it. In addition to its aesthetics, Its hard work! It’s like painting in plein-air, but instead of a little 8 x10 piece, try painting an 8’x10′ mural in an urban environment. It’s really an extreme-sport of painting! Then add the deadline pressure, the turf pressure, police pressure, junkyard dog pressure and you really have a young-man’s game goin’ on.While I like working very-large outdoors and getting physical, I also like to get paid for my work, which is why I haven’t indulged in this painting genre.So just yesterday I’m painting a Mascot for an elementary school in L.A., a 12′ x 12′ mural on an exterior wall, when these two young vatos come up and are admiring my work and asking questions How much do you charge? Can we hire you to paint something for us? sure, what do you want? We want something, really bad! do you want it for your room at home? No, we want it outside. Like on the street what? On your garage or the side of your house? No, not on our house. … well, you have to own the wall. I can’t paint on your neighbor’s wall, unless you get permission. No, not on our neighbors’ wall where then? (in unison) Down on the River!! OH! You want to hire me to paint something for you down on the River!? Why don’t you go paint it yourselves? We’re not good enough! Sorry, boyz, I can’t help you, but keep on practicing and one day you can do it!I’m not worried about them becoming Graffiti Artists. They’ll probably become Art Directors for come big studio and farm-out all the backdrops to some factory in Thailand! -RQ

  2. Brittney says:

    I Dont understand how to draw this you have to make it more explainable . Thank You

    Sincerly, Brittney

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