Hey all!

Thanks to one and all for the emails wanting to see more and quicker posts.  I’m really happy this site is making a difference for so many people!  I realize that it does take a seemingly random and sometimes long amount of time between posts and that everyone is eager to see the entire alphabet coming across their screens so that they can have the collection complete.  Please keep in mind that where the site may be a regular stop for those wanting to continue their studies in the art of graffiti style lettering, it is something I do in my spare time at no charge to anyone but myself. I’ve never asked any of you for any money in exchange for putting this knowledge out to you because it never cost me any money to learn it.  I’ve paid some harsh dues in order to learn this craft and share it now with you so that you don’t have to! And at the same time, maintaining a project like this costs money.

The point is, that where it would be nice to dedicate myself solely to showing you how to draw letters the way I do, it’s something I have to do on the rare occasion that I get time to put into it.  In the meantime, I am out doing the things that earn me the money to keep the site going without downtime.  I maintain a regular day to day job in addition to being a semi-professional fine artist and photographer.  Very time consuming vocations I assure you.  Because of these things, sometimes it will take awhile between posts.  It just will.

Look at the bright side though. This gives you more time to practice your letters!  By this point in the alphabet, if you’ve been doing it right and not just copying letters from my examples, you should have the foundation for the entire alphabet.  Each letter of every style follows similar techniques and have their own unique elements incorporated into each letter. As much as I hate the idea of people not coming back, I’m wondering why you would need this page for learning anymore!  That doesn’t mean I’m about to stop posting(i’ve already finished what’s going to be posted for “O”) but by now you should have a very strong grasp on what you’re doing.

Look for the next installment of letter studies coming within the next few days and hopefully “P” by the new year.  Until then, keep practicing!



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