Okay troops.  At long last I will deliver as promised 🙂  So now we have before us the 25 letter study of our alphabet, the letter Y in all it’s nasty graffiti glory.  I’ll be honest, it took me awhile to get back in the swing of things and put this one together but I went ahead and finished the series directly after so I’d say the regular postings should start happening again and a new path ahead is being forged for 2020!  Y can be a very challenging letter in that it’s really easy to slip up and make it look like a lowercase G.  With imagination anything can work though.  That’s really the ongoing theme in these studies.  Mind the structure, it’s important that a letter can hold its own in a word.  Style does still matter, but outside of that just do what comes naturally.  Not all of the letters on any of these pages are great or even good for that matter.  What they are is the natural flow of ideas.  Get some good drawing habits.  Beat up the technique with the simple stuff until you can do it without thinking about it and the rest will come naturally.  The reason I started posting these is because they represent the way I’ve been coming up with styles from the beginning.  Just draw without thinking and choose what you like and develop it into a style.  It all really starts with experimentation.  I do these with xerox paper and an old felt tip flair pen(I don’t like the plastic ones). It’s inexpensive and shouldn’t be insanely time consuming.  Use a pencil with an eraser(until you get confident in the technique side of things) or just shoot straight for ink and have fun with it. Innovation is key as any trained monkey can copy what they see.  Be on the lookout for the 26th and final installment of this group of letter studies sometime around the new year.  Until then, enjoy the latest! I hope it inspires you to do great things with your art.

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