Well hello 2020!

Hope you all had a great New Year!  Here it is as promised.  The final installment in the first alphabet of our letter studies series, the letter “z” in a few different graffiti styles!  Took us 10 long years to get here but here we are!  I hope you are as happy as I am to have gotten to this point.  I know from the many who have communicated with me over all this time that some have been eagerly awaiting the collection to be completed.  Sadly though, there are many who love to hotlink my work and give no link or credit.  A pretty shitty practice as I do put some work into doing these drawings and I share them with you freely.  To my loyal learners and appreciative followers I applaud you and thank you for your ongoing attention. I do hope this site has brought encouragement and inspiration to you over all this time.  I really enjoy hearing from people that come here and use it as the tool it was meant to be.  You have all my love. Always.  You are why I do this and will continue on into 2020 with more studies and the next stage in the process of putting all these letters to use!  I’ve finally set up an instagram(https://www.instagram.com/howtodrawletters/)and that is where you can find sneak previews of what is coming up on the site and also follow the ups and downs of the life of Gone84( I do not promise anything too interesting but who knows). Follow me there or chase me down at my twitter which is mighty uninteresting(@gone84) as well.  Naturally, share the bloody hell out of this page to all your friends, family and followers as I appreciate those of you who have already been.  I’ve seen sooooooo many pinterests with these studies on them. It really makes me happy.  As for the future, I won’t spill any plans just yet but I will say that if I can manage to pick up a cheap gopro or something there will be a youtube channel.  For now, enjoy the latest installment, share the page with your buddies and most importantly, practice practice practice.

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