I know, I know, I know….

Believe it or not(and you would know if you follow me on insta @howtodrawletters), this page was done months ago.  The reason I haven’t uploaded it yet is because I was hoping to get a video set up to accompany it but I am having a hell of a time getting a good tripod set up that will allow you to see what I’m drawing.  Let’s hope I figure that out soon.

That being said, here is the second page of the fundamentals set and probably the best cheat sheet you’ll get anywhere when it comes to learning to design stylized graffiti letters.  If I had something like this available to me when I was starting out I would be prouder of the old photos of my early pieces floating around the internet.  Not much to say about it that I didn’t in the last post, but this one is a ton more focused on shapes you’ll be using in lettering than the basic shapes we focused on last time around.

If you give it a thorough look, this entire sheet is really one simple shape manipulated in a bunch of different forms.  You can literally make every letter, number and whatever add on that interests you out of this extremely basic shape.  My suggestion would be to start with the first one on the page just to get the hang of things.  Stretch it and turn it to make the most basic simple, non-curving letters like A, E, T etc..  Once you feel a little more confident, add a bend.  Insanely simple stuff and definitely not the be-all-end-all of creating graffiti letters, but it’s a big head start as you’ll soon find out.


Have a look at this piece for instance. Strip the 3d and the colors and focus on the simplest details of the letters.



There’s not a single part of these letters that use a shape not on the fundamentals sheet in one way or another. Everything else is just an elaboration on that very specific basic shape. To be honest, you can find this shape in almost every piece I’ve done over the past few decades.  It really is that ingrained into graffiti styles.  Again, don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot more to it and it’s not THE way to draw letters, it’s just MY way of drawing letters.  You will notice that these fundamentals carry over into so many peoples’ styles that it’s instantly recognizable.  As always, the real key is practice.  The more you use your pencil, the better you will become.  You will find that things start shaping up quicker and quicker the more you do it.  Before long you will start to notice things that are unique to you and your state of mind come through and that’s when the real fun starts.  When I was starting in this vocation there wasn’t an hour of the day that you’d see me without some sort of medium in my hands drawing on something.  That’s the key to any craft.  Make it an obsession. Give yourself a reason to do it and do it. All the time, at least once a day anyway.  It doesn’t matter if you have an idea in mind or not, just draw, the idea will come once the lines start hitting the paper.  Trust me.

In other news,  I’ve started some work on what is going to be a very interesting manga!  It will be called Pop Idol Interface and you can find the details as well as follow my progress at both my INSTAGRAM as well as my KO-FI(highres images available for download there too!!!)  As always, I appreciate the support everyone has given me over all these years and I am really happy that it’s been a help to so many of you out there!  I’m not about to put on the beggar’s hat or anything but if you do like and have benefitted from the page, please consider subscribing at my ko-fi page as during this covid nonsense it’s starting to look like that’s getting ready to be my sole source of income for awhile.  Regardless, even if you don’t want to or have the resources to contribute, I will continue to update this page as much as I can and I am forever grateful for your visits and hope that it helps you to move forward in your artistic endeavors!

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