Hello again. Been a long year! Yes I know I haven’t posted the last two of our letter studies just yet but things have been a bit mad on my end. 2019 started out rocky and only got crazier as the year went on. But like it’s always been I refuse to lose so I’ll be up and running and back on my bulllshit for 2020!

That being said, I’m kicking my comeback off with an opportunity for you to own original and custom art by yours truly in order to make up for the year’s losses. It’s just a simple Fiverr gig but it’s a start. I haven’t been able to do much in the way of selling my art as it’s been tough trying to make ends meet(literally a year long story), and I have enjoyed hearing from some of you and your opinions of the site. It really makes me happy to have been helpful to so many people. So this is my way of putting myself out there and offering something personal for my fans and friends. Naturally you could also just hit the contact page and make requests, but the fiverr gig makes it a bit easier for some.

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