Letter Study: The graffiti letter “G”

On January 30, 2011, in Letter Studies, by The Gone 84

How to draw G in graffiti styleIts been a long time…….

Anyway, here’s one of my favourite letters(for obvious reasons). The letter ‘G’ in deviant graffiti style! It’s a pretty simple letter. Really ,just a “C” with a stick in it’s capital form, but there’s so much there to build on! I have been practicing this letter with some fierce intensity since around 1991 so it comes to me kinda natural, but it shouldn’t be hard for anyone to master. I do want you to take notice of something in each of these studies though, as the aspiring graffiti artist tends to make one very common mistake. Note that whatever letter it is, in whatever style it’s done, all of the letters in the studies I have posted are based in the most basic and simple geometry of the letter itself. In other words, nevermind all the extensions, arrows, cracks and silly decorations. The basis of just about all graffiti lettering, the power of this grand skill, comes from knowing the letter itself in its most simple and functional incarnation. Do yourself a huge favour and take a look at all the typography that catches your eye. There is a reason that the huge billboards and full-page magazine ads are almost NEVER done in stylized typefaces. This should tell you something. Practice your letters in simple form and the stylish stuff will come easy.

The graffiti style letter "f"You’ll have to pardon me as I’ve had a few, but then, what better time than to study one of the hardest of all letters to master!?!? The letter “F” is a monster all its own. So perfect in its simple little 3 lines, yet so hard to make one’s own. Every writer has those one or two letters that insist on being difficult to work with. You’ve just met one of mine. Enjoy the first post of the new year and look forward to many more! Now get practicin!

Letter Studies: The graffiti Style letter “E”

On November 12, 2010, in Letter Studies, by The Gone 84

Well boys and girls, here we have the most awesome letter “E” in the accepted graffiti style. “E” is a great letter to work with and definitely among many a writers’  favourites because of its versatility. This letter can be worked in so many ways due to its simple 4 piece construction. Like the other posts, you can see that even the slightest change of structure can make a world of difference in this letter. It’s so very easy to make this one of your own that it has become a letter that makes most everyone’s style recognizable.  mastering the letter “E” is to find yourself well on the way to the self-branding that every graffiti writer strives for.  Enjoy the study and find some inspiration in the latest addition to our letter studies.

On a side note, the forum will be up within the next month or two and I hope to have the gallery up soon also. Look for everything to be in full swing by Christmas if not sooner.  In the meantime, check out two of the new sites in the graffiti empire that is Sense Industries. oldschoolgraffiti.com and steelpoets.com

Today we have the letter “D” in all her graffiti style glory. This is a tough letter to master because you can easily end up creating a “P” , an “O” or just some stupid looking rectangle. One of the reasons I so enjoy working with the letter “D” is the threat of it becoming something else. But here we have another inspiring letter study with a few styles for you to work with. Unlike the “C” in the last post, this one will require some extra practice to get just right. There is still plenty of room to maneuver, but not enough that you can just throw it together and make it look effortless within a few tries. Practice this one long and hard and most of the other letters in the alphabet will seem simple in comparison.

Long time no see!  Today’s entry is yet another letter study. And in good order, we have the letter “C”. One of the absolute simplest letters of the alphabet, this solitary curve is so easily manipulated into unlimited configurations.  The simplicity of the letter “C” is deceptive, however, as it leaves so little to the imagination. To master it is a big step toward mastering the alphabet itself as there are so many elements that can be taken from learning “C” in all its variations and applied to other rounded letters.  A word of advice, work hard on this letter. Put extra concentration into giving power and emotion to something so sublime and seemingly harmless. It will do you a world of good later on.

Letter Study #2 The graffiti styled letter B

On September 26, 2010, in Letter Studies, by The Gone 84

Here’s another entry to the letter studies category. No worries, I am not going to wait until letter “z” to start adding tutorials. The idea again is to inspire some ideas and to demonstrate how some of the simplest forms can be varied in infinite configurations simply by changing one or two small elements.  This letter is especially fun to work with because of the curves. By switching a nice, rounded curve to an angle, the entire character of the letter changes. For some odd reason, people tend to have trouble with “B”. Personally, I find it an interesting challenge and an opportunity to work some of myself into a format that already has so many standards in place.

Graffiti Style Letter Study A

The letter A in various graffiti styles

Hello again!  Consider this the first post (even though its the second). The way I plan to work these lessons is to post various letter studies for inspiration and also to help inspire some ideas in you of where to start.  If you notice, in this first one, different parts of the letter are worked in many different ways.  I did this purposely in order to demonstrate the many options available and the variety of different looks and feels that can be created by simply changing one piece of the letter.  As time goes on, I will be going deeper into the letters themselves and the mechanics of drawing as well.  At this point, I think it’s best to simply grab onto a few ideas and see the letterforms in their execution as opposed to just jumping into things.

As time goes on, I will be adding a forum and gallery to the site so that progress can be more readily tracked and ideas can be exchanged.  This is meant to be a two way experience and I am not beyond learning a few things myself.  Hope you like the site. Enjoy the first letter study of many to come.

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