Letter Studies:Graffiti Style Letters. N

On November 4, 2012, in Letter Studies, by The Gone 84

Well, now we are over the hump!  I present to you letter study number 14, otherwise known as the graffiti styled letter “N”! Every single contestant on wheel of fortune can tell you how important this letter is.  It is used in so very many words in so very many languages that it is a must learn for anyone who intends to do letters as their vocation! You may find yourself at a loss while seeking to do variations of this one, but once you get the structure down it’s pretty simple.  I think the thing that tends to throw everyone is the diagonal line that holds the two prominent pieces together.  I can’t promise you that it’s an easy letter to learn, but it is a MUST. I can’t stress that enough.  My advice as always is to start out simple and basic then practice it until your hands are sore.  After that, take a rest and then practice it some more!  I’ve put together just a few examples for you to learn from.  They are hardly a representation of all that can be done with this letter, but a good starting point.

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Letter Study: The graffiti letter “G”

On January 30, 2011, in Letter Studies, by The Gone 84

How to draw G in graffiti styleIts been a long time…….

Anyway, here’s one of my favourite letters(for obvious reasons). The letter ‘G’ in deviant graffiti style! It’s a pretty simple letter. Really ,just a “C” with a stick in it’s capital form, but there’s so much there to build on! I have been practicing this letter with some fierce intensity since around 1991 so it comes to me kinda natural, but it shouldn’t be hard for anyone to master. I do want you to take notice of something in each of these studies though, as the aspiring graffiti artist tends to make one very common mistake. Note that whatever letter it is, in whatever style it’s done, all of the letters in the studies I have posted are based in the most basic and simple geometry of the letter itself. In other words, nevermind all the extensions, arrows, cracks and silly decorations. The basis of just about all graffiti lettering, the power of this grand skill, comes from knowing the letter itself in its most simple and functional incarnation. Do yourself a huge favour and take a look at all the typography that catches your eye. There is a reason that the huge billboards and full-page magazine ads are almost NEVER done in stylized typefaces. This should tell you something. Practice your letters in simple form and the stylish stuff will come easy.

Letter Studies: The graffiti Style letter “E”

On November 12, 2010, in Letter Studies, by The Gone 84

Well boys and girls, here we have the most awesome letter “E” in the accepted graffiti style. “E” is a great letter to work with and definitely among many a writers’  favourites because of its versatility. This letter can be worked in so many ways due to its simple 4 piece construction. Like the other posts, you can see that even the slightest change of structure can make a world of difference in this letter. It’s so very easy to make this one of your own that it has become a letter that makes most everyone’s style recognizable.  mastering the letter “E” is to find yourself well on the way to the self-branding that every graffiti writer strives for.  Enjoy the study and find some inspiration in the latest addition to our letter studies.

On a side note, the forum will be up within the next month or two and I hope to have the gallery up soon also. Look for everything to be in full swing by Christmas if not sooner.  In the meantime, check out two of the new sites in the graffiti empire that is Sense Industries. oldschoolgraffiti.com and steelpoets.com

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