Letter Study Graffiti Style THello again!

Here we have the 20th installment in our Graffiti focused Letter Study series which means we’re almost ready to move on to newer and more in-depth lessons!! We haven’t even started yet, believe it!  Today we have the graffiti styled letter “T”.  On this one I would like to add a side note that while there are a million ways to make any of these letters to include this one, letter “T”‘s real versatility comes when attached to other letters and the way that you choose to attach it.  At this point in the alphabet I’m confident that most of you have at least enough examples to write your name so I would suggest that while still practicing your letters and developing a style that you work toward multiple letters at a time.  No need to make words at this point, but seeing how certain letter combinations look together will go a long way toward developing typography skills in any type.  Keep in mind that even as a street variety of art, graffiti art will always adhere to certain design elements.  It’s not as easy as slapping a bunch of letters together like i do in these studies.  More on that later. Enjoy!

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